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This project extends and expands the Thomistic Institute’s newest digital venture, the Aquinas 101 series (a free online video “course” with extensive supporting materials), by creating a new series of videos and supporting materials dealing with the intersection of faith, philosophy, and experimental science. The tentative title for this new crowdfunded series would be: “Aquinas 101: Faith, Philosophy, and Science.”

This new series has as its special focus the engagement of contemporary questions raised by the intersection of faith and science, with the participation of high-level scholars from the fields of astronomy, physics, biology, as well as theology, philosophy, and literature.

While there are at present high-level exchanges between scientists and contemporary Thomistic philosophers and theologians, there is relatively little presentation of the fruits of that engagement in a more popular vein, and in a medium designed for wide and economical distribution to a global audience. These videos could garner significant views from persons with a wide variety of educational backgrounds, and with diverse interests, bringing key discussions of questions touching on science and faith to a large number of people.

This project uses the basic model of Aquinas 101, with modifications: each video would feature a single scholar expositing a discrete theme, with scholars from a variety of disciplines. Some videos are taught by a scientist and treat the intersection of faith and science from the perspective of contemporary scientific research, while others are taught by experts in philosophy and in the thought of Thomas Aquinas. The series releases a video once per week, with supporting materials.