David Blankenhorn at the Institute for American Values proposes to enhance his existing work on Thrift being funded through grant #15078, first by an expanded plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the thrift curriculum for young people; and second, by an expanded research and public education initiative in New York State regarding efforts by political leaders to legalize and sponsor casino gambling. The Institute proposes to partner with James Madison Institute to develop and carry out a joint plan for evaluating JTF-funding thrift curricula in Florida and Pennsylvania and later in other states. They will produce 3 reports on Teaching Thrift and an academic article published in a peer-reviewed journal on teaching thrift in U.S. schools. the Institute also proposes to add additional components to their initial work on state-sponsored gambling in New York including a summit of New York State Leaders in Summer 2012 at the Institute’s Center for Public Conversation; a new citizens group called the New York Article 1 Committee; a book by David Blankenhorn entitled Slotino! Why Sponsoring the New Casinos is a Regressive Policy Unworthy of a Great State; community forums across the state to promote Slotino! and disseminate research; and an academic article and public report on the economic consequences of casino gambling in New York and other states by Hans Breiter. This $429,650 grant will run from September 2012 through December 2014.