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The questions we will answer in this publishing program on Aeon+Psyche magazines are:
How can the leading edges of physics and cosmology inform our understanding of the universe and the human place in it?
How can cognitive science, clinical psychology, anthropology and education illumine the development of character?
What are the emerging connections between spiritual practices, ethics and mental health?
How can knowledge of cultural difference help nourish new approaches to the future of humanity?
How can we foster curiosity and open-mindedness especially in the young?

The activities will be commissioning, producing and publishing content on the magazine websites, and for wider distribution. This project is needed because at a time of misinformation and contention, clear communication of the best research in science and related areas is vitally important to individuals and society as a whole.

Concrete deliverables will be 12 Essays (2,500-4,000 words) on Aeon, 18 Ideas (1,400-1,800 words) and 6 Guides on Psyche (3,000-4,000 words). The project will have impacts on the public understanding of science and other research on JTF strategic priorities and on the ability of researchers to communicate their work.