This initiative will advance the science and religion conversation in Japan and contribute new resources for that conversation in other places by 1.) Launching Science for Ministry projects in a range of religious institutions in Japan and encouraging science and religion proposals from Japanese scholars; 2.) Showcasing the contemporary relevance of Kagawa Toyohiko's approach to science and religion and translating more of his writings into English; and 3.) Organizing a Northeast Asian Conference on science and religion. Under the guidance and support of two expert Advisory Panels, it will utilize the practical theological, bilingual, inter-cultural, interdisciplinary gifts and experience of Dr. Thomas John Hastings, the Project Leader, and his broad networks in Japan and Japan-related U.S. foundations to deliver 3-6 Science for Ministry projects proposed to be hosted by Japanese religious institutions, 1 academic monograph, 1 book for a general audience, 9-12 academic lectures, and 3-5 translations of Kagawa Toyohiko's interdisciplinary writings, and 1 Northeast Asian Conference whose proceedings will be edited into 1 volume. To guide the SfM initiative, 1 new book will be translated into Japanese. This initiative will 1. Broaden the perspectives and impact the practice and research of clergy, religious educators, scholars, and care-givers; 2. Create international interest in the interdisciplinary work of Kagawa that will lead to new translations, articles, dissertations, and books; 3. Expand the Northeast Asia dialogue on science and religion among scholars in religion, theology, philosophy, and science who will create courses and write on the dialogue; and 4. Deepen the understanding and appreciation of religious ways of knowing among participating scientists who will write regional and international interdisciplinary proposals to the JTF under the Science and the Big Questions areas (i.e., collaborative work between neuroscientists and religious scholars).