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The Faith and Reason Digital Campaign is a three-year, $2 million series of video campaigns aimed at revealing order and purpose in nature. It builds from a pilot and a second campaign (currently underway) financed by a grant from the US Catholic bishops and additional private donors.

Each campaign leverages academic research, credible presenters, and digital communications to disseminate research that challenges uncritical acceptance of naturalism and its underlying premise that life is merely a chance accident brought about by random, blind forces. In contrast, we aim to provide evidence that abundant order in nature funnels biological systems toward increasing levels of complexity and sophistication — suggesting that human life is the purposeful outcome of a complex, ordered, system.

We will produce and run nine topical campaigns, each consisting of one 8-10 minute video and three 1 minute social media videos. Whereas the social media videos showcase a single piece of evidence, the longer videos combine multiple points of evidence to construct a robust case for order (with implications for purpose) within topics such as the beginning of the universe (Big Bang, entropy, and fine-tuning), information, origin of life, evolution (natural selection, convergence, and the extended evolutionary synthesis), and consciousness (language and free will).

Based on our experience with the pilot we estimate that at least 7.5 million social media users will view short impactful videos. Furthermore, we expect that 2.5 million of those viewers will engage more deeply with longer videos on our purposefuluniverse.com website, YouTube channel, and other web platforms. We believe that appreciating the order and purpose existing within the natural world will help people recognize greater meaning in their personal lives.