We propose an eight-episode series of Philosophy Talk radio on the emerging branch of philosophy concerned with big questions about the cosmos, and our place in it. As our scientific knowledge of the universe expands, some of the great mysteries only deepen. As an introduction to the philosophy of cosmology, our series will acquaint our listeners with the conceptual foundations of cosmology and lead them to a philosophical contemplation of the universe. Central questions asked in our series concern the origin and fate of the universe, the laws of physics, the nature of space and time, physical infinity, dark energy and quantum fluctuations, limits to scientific explanation and knowledge, and the place of life and intelligence within the universe. Each one-hour episode will have the standard format for our show, which opens with a short and lively “framing” segment, followed by a sound-rich segment called “The Roving Philosophical Report,” focused on making vivid the real-life relevance of the philosophical questions raised in the framing. These opening segments are followed by an in-depth conversation with a prominent guest scholar. The conversation is structured around a progressive story arc, while maintaining the spirit of free inquiry. The show ends with a brief humorous segment called “The Sixty Second Philosopher.” The two-year series will fit into our regular weekly broadcast, which reaches approximately 100,000 people each week, with one episode of the series scheduled per quarter. Each episode will be accompanied by a short introductory essay on our blog, written by one of our hosts or our Director of Research. We will also schedule "Live Chat" events on our website with show guests in the week or two following each respective broadcast. A special dedicated page on our website will feature a general introduction to the eight-part series, along with a streaming player to listen to each episode in perpetuity.