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The Big Question underlying this project is: What is the ontological structure of the deeper level of reality, as described by quantum physics?

In order to answer this question, the purpose is to continue the development of our Modal-Hamiltonian Interpretation of quantum mechanics, which describes a realm of possible properties. The final aim is to solve the long-lasting problems in the foundations of the theory on the basis of a clearly articulated ontology which, although novel for physics, has significant antecedents in philosophy.

The strategic goal of this project is to promote in Latin American academia a top-level dialog among physicists and philosophers on foundational questions about quantum reality.
To achieve the best results from this interdisciplinary discussion, the scholars of the research group will come from different areas of knowledge and are even trained both in physics and philosophy.

Regarding the dissemination of knowledge, the project will involve the implementation of a seminar, one international workshop, several popular talks, and the publication of several academic papers, one academic book and at least one volume in Spanish. The academic publications aim at promoting close links between the local research group and the leading international specialists about the interpretation of quantum mechanics. The purpose of the book in Spanish is to contribute to the growth of the interdisciplinary knowledge on the foundations of physics in the region.

During more than ten years, the research group that will lead this project has developed a profuse and fruitful interdisciplinary work in the intersection between philosophy and physics, in particular, in the foundations of quantum mechanics. This is the best indication of the capacity for success of the group in the present project.