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What are religious experiences and what is their significance? How do we conceptualize the divine? How do religious and spiritual practices affect our health? How are religions and religious communities changing globally?

The Human Sciences Department aims to catalyze discovery about human nature, human flourishing, religion and spirituality, and other fundamental structures and realities within the social, behavioral, and cognitive sciences. The department supports basic and applied scientific research projects, especially those that seek to increase enthusiasm for neglected topics within the academy.

From 2019 to 2023, as part of the Foundation’s commitment to fund 12 Strategic Priorities, the Human Sciences department will be seeking proposals related to the following priorities: Dynamics of Religious ChangeIntellectual Humility, Religious CognitionScience of Character Virtue, and Health, Religion, & Spirituality.

While the majority of our department’s grantmaking will fall within these priorities, we will continue to accept innovative proposals that do not fit into these areas in our Open Funding Track.

Project Leader(s): Jazmin Brown-Iannuzzi, Will Gervais
Grantee(s): Rector & Visitors of the University of Virginia
Human Sciences
Project Leader(s): Miguel Farias, Riikka Mottonen
Grantee(s): Coventry University (transferred from University of Oxford)
Human Sciences
Project Leader(s): Jonathan Schooler, Michael Mrazek
Grantee(s): University of California Santa Barbara
Human Sciences
Project Leader(s): Philip Gorski, Margarita Mooney
Grantee(s): Yale University
Human Sciences
Project Leader(s): Ryan McKay, Jonathan Jong, Jamin Halberstadt
Grantee(s): Royal Holloway and Bedford New College
Human Sciences
Project Leader(s): Liane Young, Adam Waytz
Grantee(s): Trustees of Boston College