Research in genetics holds enormous promise for alleviating future sickness and poverty while helping realize humanity’s fullest physical and material potential.

The Genetics Funding Area seeks to advance genetics research by supporting novel approaches and contrarian projects, especially research that is undervalued by traditional funding sources. In addition to basic and translational research, this Funding Area supports educational programs that increase public awareness concerning the ways in which genetics-related research and its applications can advance human flourishing at the individual, familial, and societal levels.

Project Leader: Jon Entine
Grantee: Statistical Assessment Service
Project Leader: Aaron Avivi, Imad Shams
Grantee: Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa
Project Leader: Susan Murphy
Grantee: Duke University Medical Center
Project Leader: Beverly Strassmann, Claudius Vincenz
Grantee: The University of Michigan
Project Leader: Patrick Allard, Amander Clark
Grantee: University of California, Los Angeles