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Publications & Media Projects


Publications & Media Projects May 30, 2024

The Science Behind Managing Our Emotions

Publications & Media Projects April 17, 2024

When Science Sends a Shiver Down Your Spine

One day, a young student named Jim sat listening in a lecture hall to a professor describing Maxwell’s equations. He watched as the instructor scratched the algebraic figures on a […]

Publications & Media Projects February 27, 2024

I’ve Got 99 Problems, But Nostalgia Isn’t One of Them

Publications & Media Projects February 19, 2024

Five Secrets for Lasting Happiness

Publications & Media Projects February 5, 2024

Three Arguments Against God, Explained by a Catholic Bishop

Catholic Bishop Robert Barron is hard to put into a conceptual box. As a man of faith who has dedicated his life to the Church, he is also passionate about […]

Publications & Media Projects January 25, 2024

The Real Danger of Nightmares

Neuroscientist Patrick McNamara offers one of the most startling accounts of nightmares that I have ever heard.  In this video for The Well, the Boston University associate professor of neurology […]

Publications & Media Projects October 19, 2023

WATCH: Did Science Invent Optimism?

Publications & Media Projects October 26, 2022

What Are Minds, and Where Will You Find Them?

Publications & Media Projects October 4, 2022

Failure and Flourishing

Publications & Media Projects August 17, 2022

Einstein and the Quantum