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Cultivating Genius Initiative

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Tracy Day

World Science Foundation
The World Science Festival (WSF) seeks to launch the Cultivating Genius (CG) initiative to identify students worldwide with extraordinary mathematical talent and provide them with unique opportunities to explore new arenas, outside the discipline of pure mathematics, in which to apply their abilities. Guided by renowned scientists and thinkers, students will deepen their knowledge and open new pathways for their genius to flourish by grappling with deep mathematical ideas in novel contexts, facilitating their potential to spark unexpected breakthroughs. CG students will, at a formative stage, experience the impact that mathematical prowess can have in addressing an enormous range of complex challenges. Coursework will be conducted through a state-of-the-art digital platform, adapted from World Science U, comprising carefully designed lectures, demonstrations, custom animations, problem sets, virtual office hours, and live sessions. Robust digital tools will facilitate collaborations among students and faculty, amplified by live interactions with local CG mentors. Each CG student experience will begin with a gathering at WSF’s annual event in New York, seeding bonds that will be vital in the next two years of online collaboration. WSF has gained valuable insight into the CG target students through our confirmed and potential recruitment partners: The Johns Hopkins CTY; Davidson Academy of Nevada; Duke TIP; Canada/USA Mathcamp; The Art of Problem Solving; Stanford U Mathematics Camp; MIT PRIMES; International Mathematical Olympiad; USA Mathematical Olympiad; The HMMT; European Girls Mathematical Olympiad; and Math Prize for Girls. Downstream, the CG curriculum will be offered to the public via World Science U, reaching hundreds of thousands of online learners and providing a diagnostic to identify exceptional talent for the CG program. WSF is seeking funding sources whose interests align with CG goals, to ensure long-term sustainability of the initiative.
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September 2016
End Date:
August 2019
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