The proposal is for the second phase of an intervention on values and money, based on refined plans resulting from planning grant #54251. The project addresses the problems of rising materialism, debt,sloth,low savings, and instant gratification. It aims to move people from believing in certain virtues to living them out, particularly in relation to money. The virtues addressed are thrift, diligence and honesty,all viewed through the lens of future mindedness. The negative value of envy will be challenged. The four main activities constituting this project are: a)a story-book based activity for use with 6-12 year-olds in schools and homes. Recall will be aided by financial exercises, accountability groups, parent training & competitions; b)a 3-module course (based on an existing film)for 13-18 year-olds in schools & churches. Recall will be aided by accountability groups, budget drafting, written pledges & competitions; c)two-day workshops for 19-30 year-old leaders. Recall will be aided by accountability groups, budget drafting, written pledges, youth mentoring & competitions; c)evaluation to monitor, assess the impact and efficacy of the activities, and contribute to the body of knowledge. Concrete outputs of the project will be: an edited version of the film "Nothing for Mahala"; a story book containing 9 illustrated stories, three on each virtue and different aspects relating to money, through the lens of future mindedness; a film-based discussion resource for the two older age groups, which will be delivered either in a workshop or a residential setting. The project aims to: a)pilot these activities with the potential to upscale them; b)impact positively on attitudes and behaviors towards money; c)add to the current state of knowledge in character- and financial education. Post the grant period there could be roll-out into Africa as well. This could have a widespread and enduring impact on the body of knowledge in the field of virtues and financial education.