The On Knowing Humanity (OKH) project is investigating: "How might scientific anthropology gain a deeper understanding of the human condition with insights from theological anthropology?" The project is investigating this question through an ongoing research project, and through the development of a new master's program at Eastern University, the MA in Theological and Cultural Anthropology (MATCA).

The activities already undertaken under a previous JTF grant are described below. Those proposed now are 1) a national competition for research fellowships awarded for ethnography done "through the eyes of faith" to graduate students doing initial summer research, 2) the development of a research center to coordinate the work, 3) the launching of an online journal, 4) the continuation of the OKH colloquium series at Eastern University, 5) improvement in the core curriculum of the master's program, and 6) the promotion of both the research and the master's degree through a publicity campaign.

These activities will produce the following outputs: 1) twelve ethnographic papers, to be submitted for publication in either peer reviewed journals of anthropology or in the OKH journal 2) the first issue of an online journal in faith-based ethnography, 3) three publicized colloquia at Eastern University, 4) improved curricula for the core courses in the master's degree, and 5) a publicity campaign. The outcomes will be a) an expanded line of inquiry in Christian anthropology, b) increased enrollment in the master's program, and c) engagement of both the academic and the general public in the work of the project.