America Abroad Media (AAM) invites JTF to support Islam and Science in the Middle East, an in-depth television documentary on the relationship between Islam and science and the state of scientific research and advancement in the Middle East today. Involving leading Muslim scholars and scientists, the series will explore how science and Islam can inform one another in their efforts to understand the world. While in the West there has been much debate about the relationship between science and religion, in the Muslim world there has been much less scholarly or public engagement on the relationship between science and Islam. Although the media has provided extensive coverage of the Islamic Golden Age, little attention has been paid to the state of scientific learning in the Muslim world today (including the lag in scientific advancement and output) or of public attitudes toward the relationship between science and religion. This is unfortunate because polling data indicates that the public in the Middle East believes that science and Islam are compatible, although it does perceive tensions on certain issues. To address the gap in media coverage and stimulate dialogue throughout the Middle East, AAM proposes to create an engaging eight-part television documentary series with host Moez Masoud, which will broadcast throughout the region and will be complemented by online educational resources and an extensive social media campaign. AAM also proposes to research and outline a new television series on Islam and Science with Ahmad Al Shugairi, one of the most famous hosts in the Middle East, and to produce one pilot episode through this partnership. Through extensive partnerships with leading media channels in the Middle East, ample production experience, and the support of an expert Scholarly Council, AAM is well positioned to explore this challenging topic in a constructive and thoughtful manner that will be watched and well received by millions of viewers.