Meaningful public policy reform takes time. It also takes a combination of quantitative and qualitative arguments, advocacy and coalition building. The 450+ think tanks in the Atlas Network work to develop those winning combinations to achieve more freedom and free enterprise in their countries. We work to identify and pursue opportunities that create breakthrough results for think tanks in our network. We believe there is an opportunity to create successful models of free enterprise reform by marrying the institutional research and advocacy capacities of think tanks in the Atlas Network with reputable international rankings like the Ease of Doing Business Index.

By identifying, training and funding a pioneer pool of 15 project grantees and working closely with them over a three-year period, we believe we can achieve real public policy reform as measured by the country scores and sub-category scores of reputable indices. We think we can achieve a 60 percent success rate with grantees making a real impact reflected by the indices’ score, and then use those case studies to generate a broader field of victories.