The past 50 years have been an enormously fruitful period in the field of philosophy of religion, and few have done more to advance its development than Richard Swinburne. His pioneering work stands out not only for its remarkable breadth and systematic nature, but also for its commitment to challenging the widespread conviction that advances in science are somehow deeply at odds with religion. The goal of this project is generate a new appreciation and interest in Swinburne's scholarly achievements, encouraging reflection on the most important topics that he has discussed as well as the distinctive approaches that he has developed for dealing with them. The project will bring together leading figures in philosophy of religion to critically engage the ideas and methods that Swinburne has made popular. The results of this engagement will initially be presented at a high-profile academic conference, and subsequently broadcast via online recordings and the publication of a volume of new essays in philosophy of religion collected from the conference. We hope the project will have a direct impact on the scholarly community, influencing the direction of future research in philosophy of religion, as well as important but more indirect downstream effects on the broader culture.