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Through the Augustine Collective, a network of student-led journals of Christian thought, the Veritas Forum will engage broad undergraduate audiences at selective colleges and universities in the United States with the most popular and relevant aspects of Alvin Plantinga’s thought. Commissioned essays will be written by students and for students at the popular level and published in the in the Augustine Collective journal on the writer's campus. This project aims to place articles in at least twelve student journals. Student essayists will be invited to an online working group for editing support as well as receive an invitation to a day-long writing workshop jointly led by a senior editor and Plantinga scholar.

The project aims to produce at least 12 student-written articles (eight full essays and four book reviews) that are compelling, well researched, accessible, and written to catalyze constructive conversation on campus, with each of the articles published in an Augustine Collective journal, in print and online. On each campus involved in the project, an email will be sent to the broadest possible list (the whole campus, if possible) inviting students to attend a “Writer’s Forum” on the article, where the arguments are discussed and debated.

Articles will be commissioned from top student writers during the summer of 2017, along with an invitation to a day-long workshop with a senior editor. The Collective will provide editing support during the late summer and fall semester. Articles will appear in the fall ‘17 or spring ‘18 issues of journals, with concurrent writer’s forums on campus.

As the culmination of the project, The Veritas Forum and The Augustine Collective will host a joint “Plantinga Week” in spring 2018 on the web and social media, featuring each of the student essays as well as a podcast discussion of Alvin Plantinga’s significance for the current generation of students and the field of philosophy.