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Manager, Legal Operations

Robyn Harris

I enjoy studying, exploring and gaining a deeper understanding of the issues that impact our world. So, to work for a Foundation that is engaged in the discovery concerning life’s biggest questions is a wonderful gift to me. My position gives me the opportunity to utilize my educational background, international business experience and technical skills. Working at the Foundation provides many intellectual challenges as we assist the organization navigate the legal parameters of philanthropy while maintaining adherence to the Foundation’s Charter, Bylaws and guidelines.

Vice President, Human Sciences

Kimon Sargeant

When I was trained as a scholar, all the pressures and incentives in the academy pushed me to dig deep and specialize in a narrowly defined area. For me, one of the great pleasures — and challenges — of working at the Foundation is that we have to do the opposite: we need to read broadly, look globally, and build bridges between our priorities and the talented people working in research and other fields. It’s not easy, it’s always interesting, and it’s rarely the same thing twice.

Human Resource Administrator

Emily Hoffman

My role enables me to combine my personal interest in pursuing research surrounding life’s biggest questions with my skills and experience in the HR field. The learning culture at the Foundation has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I am recognized and feel appreciated when contributing my ideas. I find joy in working at the Foundation because I am supporting a meaningful purpose and the remarkable people who teach me something new every day.

Our Benefits

We are committed to caring for our employees and their families through exceptional benefits.

Medical, Dental & Vision

The Foundation pays for 100% of employee healthcare premiums and generously contributes to family premiums.


The Foundation offers a tax-advantaged 401(k) retirement savings plan with a variety of institutional investment options, a generous employer match, and additional discretionary contributions.

Life & Disability Insurance

Basic life insurance is provided without cost to our employees and provides access to supplemental life insurance plan options for employees and their families. Short-term and long-term disability coverage is provided at no cost to our employees.

Paid Time Off

Staff members receive generous paid vacation, plus 10 days paid sick leave and 5 paid personal days. Additionally, the Foundation observes a business holiday schedule with a floating holiday each year.

Paid Parental Leave

In conjunction with the Foundation’s short-term disability plan, employees are eligible for salary continuation during a maternity leave. Additionally, staff members are eligible to receive up to 6 weeks paid parental leave for time away for the birth or adoption of a child.

Staff Donation Program

The Staff Donation Program allows employees to allocate $5,000 to a charity or organization that aligns with Sir John’s philanthropic vision. Every approved donation request is made in the employee’s name with no employee donation required.

A careful choice of a career can contribute to humanity as well as provide personal fulfillment and growth.

— Sir John Templeton

Current Opportunities

Grants Administrator

Reporting to the Director of Program & Grant Operations, the Grants Administrator plays a key role in the life-cycle of the grantmaking process by implementing, managing and facilitating several operational processes, including: due diligence review, proposal distribution, the grant agreement process, grant & donation payments, and amendment letters.

Officer, Planning & Evaluation

The Officer collaborates with Planning & Evaluation and grantmaking colleagues to inform strategy, monitor grant portfolio performance, assess performance against expectations and the Foundation's mission, and provide insight that improves programmatic decision-making.

Program Associate, Natural Sciences

Position Summary The Program Associate, Natural Sciences will assist in the full life cycle of the grant-making process and provide administrative support for the Natural Sciences department. Areas of Responsibility […]

Speaker Series

Our monthly Speaker Series provides opportunities for our employees to gain valuable insights into a variety of research areas that the Foundation supports. Many of our speakers are current or former grantees whose work addresses our major Funding Areas.

Foundation Day

Foundation Day is an annual gathering of staff to celebrate and reflect upon our work and the vision for the Foundation. The day includes presentations and stories from various departments and opportunities to interact with Foundation colleagues.

Autumn Open House

Our Autumn Open House invites friends and family to the Foundation offices. At this themed event, we plan family-friendly games and activities and opportunities to make donations and give back to our community. These gatherings give staff an opportunity to get to know a more personal side of their colleagues by meeting those most important to them.

Open Forums

Monthly Open Forums provide an opportunity for communication of important information that affects all team members. Each open forum includes staff presentations on our grant making activities or other aspects of our work at the Foundation.