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The Philosophy Institute at Austral University (Argentina) will launch two new blended (online and residential) postgraduate programs on Philosophy and the Foundations of Science (MA and PhD), creating the possibility to foster more and better work on science-engaged theology in Latin America. With the support of the John Templeton Foundation, the Philosophy Institute will offer 20 two-year Austral-Templeton Scholarships to Latin American candidates working at Latin American universities, thus developing a Spanish-speaking community engaged in research at the highest level on issues at the intersection of science, philosophy, and theology.

A JTF-funded feasibility study at Austral shows evidence of the opportunity for capacity building in the region, the institutional interest in these programs, and the existence of strong prospective candidates who will benefit from working with the team at Austral. The continuous and distinguished work of the Philosophy Institute on issues on science, philosophy and theology has shaped its reputation in the Spanish-speaking world, making it the ideal destination for studying and engaging in research on these matters.

During this project, each of the twenty Austral-Templeton Scholars will take twelve online courses, participate in four on-campus Intensive Study Weeks, write two research essays, and prepare their dissertation projects. Scholars will thus develop their capabilities in interdisciplinary research, with the long-term vision of promoting new groups working on science-engaged theology led by highly skilled academics throughout Latin America.

The project will also support the research activities of Faculty members, enabling Austral-Templeton Scholars to join their research groups, thus ensuring the enduring impact of the project, seeding capacity in interdisciplinary research on science, philosophy and theology throughout Latin America.