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We aim to create a fellowship of North American Islamic Philosophers and Theologians that more fully connects with national and international networks of scholars. We also aim to produce a critical mass of advanced scholars of traditional Islamic Theology and Philosophy through our small working groups centered around the collective study of theological and philosophical texts. Finally, we aim to engage in the impactful scholarly practice of establishing and supporting religious claims through rational proof which leads to a renewal of religious relevance and commitment in greater society.

Core questions asked: what are the limits of what is knowable? Are God's existence and relationship to the cosmos knowable with certainty? What is the spiritual anthropology of the human being?

There is a great need for this project as scholars of Islamic Philosophy and Theology in North America have few opportunities for fellowship and collaboration. There is also a paucity of fully trained philosophers and theologians, but there are a number of partially trained scholars who can educate each other through collaborative work. Muslim communities also require access to such scholars and their treatment of the Big Questions.

Through conferences, working groups, and a variety of publications our scholars will address these questions through deep study of and engagement with Traditional Islamic Philosophical and Theological texts in conversation other traditions in light of the contemporary context. They will strengthen each other's skills and knowledge, and disseminate their ideas via academic and popular publications in print and online.

The expected impact will be increased collaboration between Islamic Philosophers and Theologians and the widespread dissemination and adoption of the clearest, soundest, and most relevant expressions of solutions to these problems in the English language produced by top-tier scholars.