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In the Charter establishing his Foundation, Sir John Templeton articulated his philanthropic priorities under several broad headings. These headings constitute and define our major Funding Areas.  In each Area, we welcome open submission requests to support field-leading research and high impact public engagement programs that advance Sir John’s contrarian and forward looking vision.

Public Engagement

The Public Engagement funding area supports content projects that include video, audio, public events, and print media. In addition, we seek proposals that support the next generation of thought leaders, generate durable courses and programming at leading universities.

Philosophy & Theology

The Philosophy & Theology funding area supports research and catalyzes conversations that promise to build on wisdom contained within the world’s philosophical and theological traditions, in order to enhance our understanding of the world and how to live well within it.

Mathematical & Physical Sciences

In our Mathematical and Physical Sciences funding area, we support research seeking to shed light on the fundamental concepts of physical reality. We also explore the interplay between these sciences and broader human experience.

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences funding area supports projects that seek novel and fundamental insights into the meaning and significance of life processes, by which we can better understand humanity’s place within nature.

Individual Freedom & Free Markets

The Individual Freedom & Free Markets funding area supports education, research, and outreach projects to promote individual freedom, free markets, free competition, and entrepreneurship.

Human Sciences

The Human Sciences funding area seeks to fund research in response to big questions about human nature, religion and spirituality, flourishing, and other fundamental aspects of human experience.

Culture & Global Perspectives

The Culture and Global Perspectives funding area supports work that seeks to better understand the role of culture in our lives, how our cultures change, and the ways in which religions, values, customs, and institutions might help address global challenges.

Character Virtue Development

The Character Virtue Development funding area supports research and catalyzes conversations that seek to advance the science and practice of character, with a focus on moral, performance, civic, and intellectual virtues such as humility, gratitude, curiosity, diligence, and honesty.