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Joanna Almond, CMP

Director, Special Meetings

Joanna Almond oversees planning and implementation of the Annual Members and Trustees Meeting, Corporate Meetings, Board of Advisors Meetings, and other Foundation events. She also supports the President’s communication with Trustees and Members throughout the year. She coordinates the selection of and the logistics for one of the Foundation’s programs, the Templeton Prize.

Prior to joining the Foundation, she worked for a marketing and meeting planning company where she provided meeting management and organization to several widely-known companies. She also worked in the training department of a major retail company and was responsible for the delivery of integrated and effective education and training programs that aligned with company goals, identified needs, and maximized learning. She managed production training and certification processes along with supervising projects.

Ms. Almond majored in Communications at Cabrini College with a focus on Video Productions, which allowed her to serve as the executive video producer for their local cable show and provided her a base for logistical meeting organization of various projects. She received her certification in Meeting Planning in 2007 and her CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) in 2013.