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Coalición por el Evangelio is a ministry to Latin America providing gospel-centered, biblically faithful resources for the Spanish-speaking church. We aim to not only teach historic doctrines but also help the contemporary church address the most pressing issues of the day with the timeless truths of the Bible. Coalición has a leadership Council that represents several countries in the Spanish-speaking world, and a content team with millions of followers. Our reputation in Latin America provides significant influence among the thinking youth and established leaders. We want to use that influence to shape the thinking of Christian leaders in Latin America in the areas of Christian faith and science.

We believe the relationship between Christian theology and science must be communicated in a way that constructively engages the Latin American evangelical church. There is a widespread notion of the incompatibility of faith and science in Latin American culture, which results in a growing division between the sacred and secular.

The goal of this project is to transform current perceptions that science is fundamentally detrimental to faith. We want to show leaders, pastors, and influencers that science can enhance evangelical convictions, complement Christian theology, provide clarity on the God/world relation, and actually strengthen faith.

This project has several outputs that provide a diversity of approaches to penetrate conventional thinking in Latin America. We will target academics by translating 14 academic books and provide distribution to leading seminaries. We will target church leaders and members by developing hundreds of articles, videos, podcasts, and events addressing the issues from various angles. We will target in-depth learning by launching a new Spanish online learning platform that puts this education into free courses.