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This three-year project will produce and supply an online interdisciplinary dictionary in Spanish of the highest-academic standards on the main topics pertaining to the relationship between science, philosophy, and theology: the “Spanish Interdisciplinary Dictionary in Science, Philosophy and Theology” [Diccionario Interdisciplinar en Español de Ciencia, Filosofía y Teología]. The project will be led by a team from the Universidad Austral (Argentina) and the University of Oxford (UK). The Dictionary will stimulate world-class research and dissemination of ideas in the Spanish-speaking academia on interdisciplinary issues relating to science, philosophy and theology.

The strategic opportunity is the growing interest in interdisciplinary discussions in the region, facing the difficulty of understanding each other’s use of terms. Such challenge stands in the way towards the building of a research network and the dissemination of knowledge among the general public. This project will address this opportunity by supplying a reference tool, the “Spanish Interdisciplinary Dictionary in Science, Philosophy and Theology”, offering up-to-date discussions relating different disciplines, allowing authors to engage with each other’s ideas, and helping to overcome the regional time lag.

The Dictionary will include the production of around seventy new and original entries, commissioned to leading Spanish-speaking scholars, along with thirty translations of entries from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion and Science. The project will produce a website from where the Dictionary will be accessible available online for free, allowing for access and multiplying its reach and influence.

Based at Universidad Austral, recently rated in the 2014 QS World University Ranking among the top-ten universities in Latin America, the project will be extremely well-placed to ensure a wide and durable impact in the region.