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Everyone has seen, experienced, perhaps even felt genius, yet what is genius, why does genius matter, and what is next for genius? These are key questions addressed in “Seven Days of Genius.”

From March 1–9, 2014, “Seven Days of Genius” will examine how the power of genius emerges across communities, cultures and industries. These events will take place at 92Y and will be shared via a new digital and social media platform to bring people together to explore humans’ extraordinary cognitive ability.

In the pilot year, the project includes 10 events and programs during Genius Week, for which funding is requested from the John Templeton Foundation: The Genius Debate; Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence and the Brain: The (Neuro)Science of Genius; The Creative Genius with Walter Isaacson; David Brooks: Genius, God and Morality; Psychobiography with Dr. Gail Saltz; Friday Night Shabbat Dinner; The Genius of the Start-up; IDEO Event—Exploring What’s Next for Genius; Creativity and Education Innovation Fair; and 92Y Youth Think Tank. 92Y will also produce Online Platforms for “Seven Days of Genius” programming: Genius Bracket; “Seven Days of Genius” microsite; livestream videos; and a “meme-drop” around #geniusweek.

In years 2 and 3, 92Y will deepen exploration of genius with “Seven Days of Genius” on March 1-8, 2015 and March 5-12, 2016, focusing on the Genius of Religion, Genius of Science, and Genius of Technology. As well as continuing pilot year elements, 92Y will introduce complementary programming for youth and families, an expanded curriculum, and new prizes and incentive awards. 92Y also will scale “Seven Days of Genius” nationally and internationally.

“Seven Days of Genius” will connect people locally and globally to celebrate humanity’s achievements and harness human potential. We anticipate this project will produce greater universal understanding of genius and how this term can be applied to inspire smarter thinking, bigger ideas, and greater action.