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Through this project the Parliament of the World’s Religions will promote World Interfaith Harmony Week and encourage high quality projects to apply for the Awards given by His Majesty King Abdullah II. We will leverage the extensive network we have built over the last 25 years that includes interfaith organizations, faith-based organizations, local governments, lesser-known religious groups, and individuals of faith, good will, or conscience. This network includes participants from our large convenings, called Parliaments, the next of which will be in Toronto from Nov. 1 to 7. Although our network is centered in North America, it also includes 100+ "Ambassadors" around the world, representatives at the UN, and contacts in Europe, Africa, Asia, and India. In 2009 we held the Parliament in Melbourne, which contributed to the rise of the interfaith organization that recently won an award from H.M. King Abdullah. We also pursue interfaith projects through task forces on critical issues, further extending our network.

We will engage our expansive network in World Interfaith Harmony Week to increase the number of WIHW events and the number and quality of applicants for His Majesty's awards. We will do so in the following ways:

-Promote WIHW through the WIHW Logo on the tote bags and lanyards at the Toronto Parliament, an insert in the tote bags, and personal contacts
-Engage our network through personal contacts, email, promotions and social media in advance of the 2019 and 2020 WIHW
-Offer information, support, & resources for planning WIHW events
-Plan & host WIHW events in Chicago and a broad-based online event
-Encourage qualified applicants to apply for WIHW prizes and awards
-Track metrics on network members who participate in WIHW events and apply for the awards

Expected outcomes of this project include:
-Greater awareness of WIHW and the value of interfaith harmony
-Increased number and quality of applicants for H.M. King Abdullah’s WIHW awards