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Closer To Truth (CTT), our video archives and TV series on cosmos, consciousness, meaning/God, proposes to continue developing its outreach and increasing its impact via new media, media, various partnerships, enhanced user engagement and the building of a Closer To Truth community. In addition, this grant would enable initial planning of targeted, small events and other outreach projects, which, over time, would have the objective of achieving financial sustainability for CTT.

This proposed Grant ID 60149 ("Developing Closer To Truth: Outreach and Marketing") would enable interim maintenance of marketing momentum generated by Grant ID 36214 (“Marketing Closer To Truth in the New Media: Promoting Cosmos, Consciousness, God”) -- the idea being to bridge the gap from when the previous grant concluded (May 31, 2015) and when a longer term grant might be initiated in early 2016 (there being no assurance or even implication, of course, that such a longer-term grant would be approved). Hence, this proposed Grant ID 60149 would run from Aug 1, 2015 until January 31, 2016.

The proposed bridge grant would (i) enable CTT to continue its operations in new media marketing; (ii) target new audiences to excite with contemporary ideas in cosmos, consciousness and meaning/God and instill in them the value of critical thinking; (iii) maintain current connections to the world’s leading thinkers in cosmos, consciousness and God; (iv) develop new categories of outreach, such as online essays with embedded videos; (v) continue developing prototype education course; and (vi) plan target events for institutions and high-net worth individuals as potential new sources of funding in CTT's quest to achieve financial sustainability.

Although The Kuhn Foundation will continue to fund new content, we do need to build, over time, a more self-sustaining business model, which is CTT's overall objective, and this grant would enable the process to continue.