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At top 35 universities, the most intellectually ambitious students and the campus publications they produce can have an outsized effect on the intellectual culture of campus. This project aims to introduce the latest scholarship in science and faith and character and virtue to the Augustine Collective network of several hundred student writers and editors of collegiate Christian journals, at top 35 universities, and to prepare them to write and engage their campuses on these topics for university-wide audiences and the broader public square.

To equip the best students to think rigorously about these topics, initiate conversations with their peers, and engage the public square on their campuses and beyond, we propose three initiatives:
A. A freshman curriculum that introduces the big questions to students at the beginning of their college careers;
B. Adding learning tracks on the big questions of science and faith, and character and virtue development, to the annual Augustine Collective training conference (which gathers 175+ intellectually-ambitious student writers and editors each year), and
C. A summer institute that gathers the best faculty and students for a 10-day intensive training on the big questions of science and faith, and character and virtue development, and how to write effectively on those topics for the general public.

These 350+ student writers and the thousands they influence represent a unique opportunity to engage student populations at top 35 universities with new spiritual information and insights central to Sir John Templeton’s vision. If we are successful, a broad network of highly motivated, intellectually ambitious students will be equipped to elevate dialogue on their campuses about science and faith and character and virtue development. We believe these ‘best and brightest’ students will likewise be better prepared for life long engagement in the public square on the big questions of science and faith, character and virtue.