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Day1 seeks to create greater understanding of and facilitate meaningful conversation around the issues of science and faith today particularly among religious people. This engagement between faith and science is relevant across the theological/ecclesial spectrum as well as to individual seekers on their own faith journeys. As we face the big questions that have riddled humanity since the dawn of civilization, science and faith both shine light on the meaning of life and the place of humankind in the universe.

In an effort to present the most cutting-edge and thought-provoking views on the place of faith in our universe, Day1 proposes producing a package of programming on the theme, “Science & Faith in the 21st Century.” This package will include (1) a series of eight weekly Day1 radio programs airing nationally in late 2015, with eight speakers; (2) eight video segments featuring the speakers presenting key points or a highlight of their messages; (3) additional resources on our Day1 website. All these elements will be brought together under the “Day1: Science & Faith in the 21st Century” banner.

The purpose of this program is to raise awareness among open-minded people of faith regarding the meaning and impact of scientific studies and the interplay between scientific realities/hypotheses and religious faith. We offer a multimedia platform to raise the level of discourse on these issues among clergy, church leaders, laypersons, and seekers of spiritual and scientific truth.

The programs will present eight of the boldest and brightest theologians and church leaders addressing seminal questions confronting the seeming juxtaposition of science and faith facing the Christian faith community. These speakers will address the basic questions of faith, science, and our place in the world.