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Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia but growth has not been inclusive. 10.9% live below the poverty line. Corruption is pervasive (Indonesia ranks 37th in the world). TBN’s experience shows that supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can create jobs and lift people out of poverty.

Our key outcomes after two years are:
a) 500 new jobs created and 100,000 low-income people served through 40 SMEs
b) Increased growth capital available through TBN’s international and regional network of impact investors
c) Vibrant Indonesian entrepreneur ecosystem which enables free and fair competition and helps values-based enterprises to thrive through ethical personal, business and community leadership as a key development focus.

This will be achieved by:
1. Capacity building of businesses through expert training and business coaching for 40 early-stage SMEs
2. Tailored expertise to support > 20 SMEs to secure growth investment
3. The mobilization of >USD 1.5 million in impact investment capital
4. Build investor and entrepreneur relationships, share insights and mobilise investment through 1 summits for >300 delegates and 1 field trips for >10 investors
4. TBN expands its presence in South East Asia and develops a local entrepreneur ecosystem that will create employment for their communities.