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China is facing a moral crisis of greed, deception and reckless business practices causing fatal public harm. This has resulted in massive discontent and mistrust in government and businesses, jeopardizing the development of a healthy free market.
Additionally, growing income and opportunity disparity is creating unequal market access and joblessness among youth. There is an increase sense of despair among youth and the millions of fresh graduates each year. It is vital that young people are equipped with skills and a moral compass, and be given access to participate in the economy.
Center for Principled Entrepreneurship (the Center) will deliver hands-on, high impact initiatives to youth of diverse social classes. The practice of principled entrepreneurship and strong core values will be incorporated into the teaching as a guide in decision-making. The practicum portion of the programs will give students actual operation and market experience, thereby giving them more confidence and freedom to access the market and choices for their future.
The project will attempt to answer: 1. What is the role of principled entrepreneurship education in developing an equitable free market? 2. Is education on the principles and proper working of a free market economy system conducive to character building? 3. Is the free market a good teacher of ethics or is it a corroder of morality?
Through the Center, this project will impact more than 450,000 students and will result in the creation of 300+ principle-driven student-run companies across China. This will generate a critical mass to create a catalytic, ripple effect in public awareness and business practices to begin to reverse the current vices. The project’s impact will be further extended through engaging 2,500 teachers and volunteers.
The project’s activities include classroom and online open source e-learning programs; business competitions; workshops; national and global conferences; research reports and white papers.