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Christianity Today is a global media ministry reaching over five million leaders monthly, and this project's objective is to restore confidence in the Bible and familiarize readers with God's Word. These objectives will be carried out through content and coverage created that increases readers' appreciation for science and gives new insights for how Scripture is compatible with the created world and its Creator.

CT will inspire readers to have awe, wonder, and gratitude to God through content that makes the relation of science and faith stronger and points to the truth and authority of Scripture.

Between 2019-2021, we propose to extend CT's science articles with content covering both natural and social sciences; grow and nurture a team of science writers (journalists who can write on science and scientists who can write journalistically); expand the prominence and discoverability of CT science content for increased interaction and engagement; and reach new networks of readers to appreciate this unique and accessible content.

Through 2 1/2 years of Templeton-funded science content (140 articles as of July 2018), there are encouraging signs that science content gets strong readership and engagement when posted on ChristianityToday.com, an average of 5,500 readers for each article. With continued investment and stronger digital infrastructure, we believe we can continue to foster renewed appreciation and confidence in science among an audience of Christian leaders, who in turn will pass this onto their congregations, social and professional circles, and families.