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In the past four years, the IEA has been instrumental in sparking a remarkable rise in the number of students involved in liberty groups in the UK. At the same time, the study of A-level economics in UK schools has increased by a staggering 50% - the biggest growth in any subject.

Future Freedom creates a strategy to build on this groundswell, widen its reach and make a lasting impact on the UK’s social and economic landscape.

Our mission is to further the public understanding of the importance of free markets to thriving societies. We do this by educating and influencing intellectuals, policy makers and journalists - and by nurturing the young people who will come to be the influencers and free marketers of the future.

Our existing outreach programme has been successful for many years. But in the past 2-3 years we have intensified our activities to encompass:
•An intensive summer internship scheme for students
•A widespread programme of conferences in high schools
•A student magazine

Our impact has increased significantly. But, to a degree, it is still limited to those with a natural appreciation of free market thinking.

Future Freedom proposes a dramatic expansion and enhancement of our approach - breaking through to thousands of students yet to discover the values and virtues of free market philosophy.

Future Freedom will significantly grow the reach and impact of our programme - and seek to accomplish the following initiatives:
•Ensure EA magazine – Britain’s first student-focused free market publication – reaches 80% of all economics students in UK schools
•Disseminate free market ideas to students through specially-commissioned films for ieaTV – the UK’s only free market based TV service
•Expand and enhance high school conference programme

Future Freedom is the most ambitious free market student programme in the UK. By influencing today’s generation of students, we can create tomorrow’s social and economic freedoms.