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Our one-year project is called “Provoke Thinking. Ignite Freedom.” Our aim at FRI (Fundación Educación para el Futuro y la Responsabilidad Intelectual) is to generate serious thinking about freedom principles among business professionals, journalists, intellectuals, and students, and to inspire them to action in developing a productive, wealthy, and peaceful society.
We consider that if we want to change our culture and persuade people to respect and adopt ideas of freedom, it is absolutely necessary to expose them to rational arguments delivered in an attractive way. In Argentina there is no debate culture. We are exposed only to talk shows where none of the speakers has time to present arguments in a logical way. They seem a contest to see who has the loudest voice. So we hear no solid and clear arguments or significant conclusions.
We want to give freedom ideas the chance to be explained by the best speakers. We want to give our audiences the opportunity to hear arguments they haven’t heard before and show them how ideas—and freedom—have real consequences in the quality of their lives.
Our strategy focuses on two main actions: 1. Six Public Debates (Oxford-Style) on political, economic, social and ethical issues (reaching 2,400 people and 30,000 online views), and 2. Six Training Camp sessions (reaching 60 selected people).
Our goal is thus to produce practical and efficient tools that will leverage the impact of freedom ideas and help to generate a pro-freedom movement in Argentina and Latin America.
We expect to reach a direct audience of 2,460 through our debates and training camps, and to reach over 30,000 people around the continent through social media channels. We will upload our debates and videos, market them, and publish an ongoing series of articles related to the debate topics.