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The primary purpose of this grant is to strengthen Closer To Truth (CTT) Content in philosophical theology (multiple topics and subtopics) and in analytic theology (methodology, with applications to topics and subtopics) by interviewing about 15 leading scholars who will be attending the 2017 Logos Conference “God, History and the Incarnation”, to be held at the Logos Institute at the University of St Andrews) 1-3 June, 2017 — (http://philreligion.nd.edu/calendar/annual-logos-workshop/).

The attendees at the Logos Conference are among the world's leading scholars in philosophical theology and analytic theology (see list of speakers in the Project Justification and Description).

The high intellectual content of the 2017 Logos Conference focuses on fundamental conceptual, epistemological, exegetical, metaphysical and methodological questions in philosophical theology and analytic theology – topics and ways of thinking not much accessible to broad audiences. CTT would present this material with sophistication, subtlety and engagement, and provide the channels of distribution on TV and the web.

CTT would produce and broadcast three to four dedicated CTT TV episodes on topics in philosophical theology and the methodology of analytic theology with contributors selected entirely from those interviewed through this grant. In addition, CTT would produce and broadcast six to eight CTT TV episodes featuring one or more contributors selected from those interviewed through this grant (largely through Additional Funding).

As a major feature of this grant, CTT would produce about 80 to 100 web videos of contributors interviewed through this grant.