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In 2018, TNP Academy seeks to build upon the success of the 2017 Illumination Tour. We will produce a public engagement series, this time focusing on the scientifically validated healing power of practicing forgiveness. We will visit 7 cities and share content through live talks and film. Many of the presenters featured in the series were curated for our main event in September 2017.

Among the presenters are a Lutheran minister, a psychology professor, a convicted murderer, and the President of Rwanda. Each of their stories present forgiveness in a different light.

The Practicing Forgiveness Tour will present speakers either in the form of live presentation or in a short film based on the ideas presented on our stage in September, 2017.

The “Forgiveness” theme will serve as the capstone of specially-curated 2-hour programs that will also include additional speakers and films. Each program will be hosted by the author and speaker, Kelly Corrigan. Every event will include a follow-up survey, intended to spur deeper thought and extended conversation.

The aim of the series is to engage a wide audience and stimulate a values-based conversation around the practice of forgiveness. This is a topic that is not widely explored in thought leadership forums. TNP Academy has the unique opportunity to engage thought leaders and a highly influential audience on this big question. We will accomplish this engagement through a singular and powerful method of delivery (we put on a good show).

Over the course of 2017, over 30,000 people were able to experience The Illumination Tour in some form. We anticipate an even broader and more deeply engaged audience over the course of TNP Academy’s 2018 Practicing Forgiveness Tour.