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Nautilus magazine connects together science, mathematics, philosophy, theology, and culture to create the broadest, deepest and most compelling narratives in science media. A new kind of science experience, Nautilus attacks one monthly topic at a time through long-form essays and articles, short blogs, video, graphic stories, photo essays, and interactive tools—all sumptuously illustrated.

Each issue features content not only from the world’s leading scientists – but also from fiction writers, philosophers, journalists, theologians and artists. We connect readers to the oldest and dearest questions: What is the world we find ourselves in, and why are we here? Across the broad expanse of theory, history, research, experimentation, and experience, Nautilus is the journal for the scientist and the seeker.

Nautilus 2.0 includes initiatives that maintain the quality of the content and mission while propelling audience and impact to greater growth, with increased financial stability and long-term viability.

Nautilus has restructured its publishing under NautilusThink Inc, a 501(C)(3) non-profit foundation. This has allowed us to broaden our institutional support to include the Simons Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Lemelson Foundation, along with nearly a dozen other potential supporters.

Nautilus has entered into a co-publishing partnership with the MIT Press. The publisher of over 200 annual titles and 30 journals is “committed to the edges and frontiers of the world – to exploring new fields and new modes of inquiry.” MIT Press’ partnership will include the donation of publishing services from the Press to Nautilus, and assumption by the Press of responsibility for Nautilus’ print edition’s distribution, marketing, ad sales, promotion and fulfillment. The relationship will allow Nautilus to access new distribution and sales channels and reach new audiences.