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This project has four parts:

Contact list of seminaries. There is no single source of information on all Catholic seminaries in the world. This limits the ability of researchers to investigate the curriculum offered. CARA will develop a listing of Catholic seminaries to be used in future research. The information on Catholic seminaries worldwide will be summarized in a report and made available along with the contact list to interested parties.

Survey of seminaries. No data exists on the integration of science and religion in the curriculum of Catholic seminaries, or of the need for such a curriculum. CARA will survey the English language Catholic seminaries and provide an assessment of the existing science and religion curriculum in these seminaries with an ultimate goal of surveying all seminaries worldwide in coming years.

Survey of Catholic high schools. Catholic high schools offer a unique venue for the presentation of both religion and science. How do these schools integrate religion and science? What are the needs or challenges in their doing so? What resources do they rely on? CARA will survey the schools on their presentation and integration of science and religion in their curriculum.

National Catholic Poll. To assess the impact of Foundation efforts to encourage the integration of science and religion in the U.S. Catholic community a baseline of attitudes is needed. CARA will conduct a national poll of Catholics to provide a current and comprehensive profile of Catholic attitudes on science and religion as well as the experience of this in Catholic high schools.

The reports for the three surveys/poll will each be summarized in a separate 12-16 page CARA Special Report written for a broad audience, in both print and electronic versions.

CARA will offer a workshop on the findings of the three research projects to the Catholic Bishops of the U.S. and to at least one national gathering of Catholic high school leaders.