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We are living during a period of profound social and cultural change. In this time dominated by methodological reductionism, we need to reaffirm the importance of open interdisciplinary dialogue between researchers and individuals from diverse backgrounds to search for convergence and deeper understanding. The Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture and Cura Foundation will host the Fifth International Vatican Conference (May 28-30, 2020) in Vatican City that will bring together prominent speakers from all over the globe with backgrounds in science, theology & philosophy as well as media personalities to address what it means to be human, human exceptionalism and enhancement, the connection between science and faith, the relationship between mind-body-soul, the importance of empathy and compassion and the human rights of aging.
This project is unique since it will engage people of diverse backgrounds creating a hotspot for dialogue and leveraging influencers and other resources. It will impact academia, private and public companies, policymakers and religious leaders as well as students of both sciences and humanities. The conference will convene the world’s leading scientists and physicians, patients, ethicists, leaders of faith and policymakers, include an audience with Pope Francis and will be moderated by renowned broadcast journalists.
We will additionally arrange meetings for students of Pontifical Universities to extend the conference topics to the next generation. We will publish & distribute a special edition of Culture e Fede journal for bishops, clergy & researchers and will produce a newsletter for the public and distribute it online & via social and conventional media.
We believe these activities will establish more durable relationships between religious and scientific communities and expand the established collaborative network that will unite people and create content for outreach to bishops, clergy, students, scientists, and policymakers.