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This project starts with a five-hour public television series to bring a new perspective to free speech, grounded on the assumption that free speech is essential for the creation and maintenance of prosperity and freedom. The project will look beyond the headline-generating stories; free speech is much more than being tolerant of the intolerant – it makes us who we are.

We intend to explore the connections between individual freedom and the Big Questions in a media format that will have the broadest appeal to the general public. This series will examine five distinct categories of speech: Commercial Speech; Religious Speech; Political Speech; Scholarly Speech; Social and Recreational Speech.

By interviewing experts, visiting places where events occurred, and combining remarkable archival material with rich visualizations, we will take viewers on a journey to understand how we express our needs, wants, hopes, desires, and beliefs is the essence of humanity. From ancient history to the unfettered, seemingly limitless expanse of today’s wired-in world, this series will be the definitive telling of free speech and expression.

Each television program will be accompanied by video-centered, education units that run 8-15 minutes in length with a supporting teacher’s guide filled with supplemental material including discussion questions, writing exercises, vocabulary words, and quizzes. We will also create at least ten Teachable Moments videos from the material shot during the broadcast film shoots. Teachable Moments are very short, 1-3 minutes, videos that focus in on one concept. The video-centered units will be made available in DVD, download and streaming formats at no cost to any educator.

The video programs will be enhanced by a robust marketing and community engagement effort that is intended to keep the dialogue in the public square for a timeframe well after the television series has been aired.