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Over the past 3 years, in Iasi and Bucharest, in Romania, a series of courses (3 h weekly, totalling 72 hrs of courses and seminars with 40 participants/year) have focused on the dialogue of Science with Philosophy and Religion, as part of programs developed with the aid of the John Templeton Foundation. The present project aims to capitalise on the experience of previous projects and on the mutual commitment of the Romanian Orthodox Church and the universities of Iasi and Bucharest to support such programs. The current project aims to open a new phase in the development of the training program in Religion-Philosophy-Science by: a)Formalising the project at the level of church institutions and Education boards, and securing the recognition of competency certificates awarded on completion of the programs; b)Diversifying the programs of study granting competency certificates by: -Organising postgraduate courses (2 semesters) for high school teachers; annual short courses (72h) for priests and high school teachers; intensive training summer schools for priests, teachers, university students (24h). -Expanding the target group (aiming for 1000 participants in the training programs in R-P-S:480 teachers and 480priests+ 40students). c)Active promotion of the dialogue among theology, philosophy and science in the Romanian educational, ecclesiastical and cultural milieus (regular radio and television programs; religion and science newspaper supplement, distributed nationally, in 15,000 copies/issue, published by the Romanian Patriarchate).
200 teachers-graduates of long-term postgraduate courses
480 priests and 120 teachers-graduates of short courses
160 teachers and 40 students-graduates of summer-school courses
Support handbook, 320 pages, 500 copies
104h of radio broadcasts on R-P-S topics
48h on TV Trinitas, broadcast nation-wide, cable+satellite networks, basic packages (free channel)
24 freely-distributed, 8-page editions of the supplement R-P-S