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Christianity Today is a global media ministry reaching over four million leaders monthly. ln 2014, the digital-only magazine, The Behemoth, was launched. The Behemoth publishes a variety of subject matter to inspire awe and gratitude to God, but we want to sharpen its editorial focus and make the relation of science and faith stronger. Some of our science articles include explicit theological commentary (e.g., how ecosystems help us recall the inner life of the Trinity), and some simply revel in the wonder of creation, highlighting the fascinating aspects of the created order (e.g., an article on Turritopsis nutricula, the "immortal jellyfish"). Others still, like the science of happiness, help us recognize the social and psychological mechanisms God has given human beings for our well-being.

In 2016-2018 we propose to expand Christianity Today science coverage (including in-depth psychology for ministry content), cease The Behemoth as a separate publication and integrate content and subscribers into CT, and discover and nurture a team of science writers (journalists who can write on science and scientists who can write journalistically).

The original "behemoth" is one of the awesome creatures that God points to at the climax of the book of Job (Job 40) to humble the human creature before the infinitely capable and resourceful Creator. In a time when Christians too often treat science as a battleground, we believe a far more fruitful approach is to see science as a source of profound wonder, humility, discovery, and celebration, as well as theological insight.

We have seen encouraging signs of The Behemoth's impact on CT magazine, including dramatically higher pageviews when science articles have been moved into ChristianityToday.com. We believe that three years of strategic investment will help more fully develop a new cadre of science-and-faith writers and foster renewed appreciation for science among evangelical Christians.