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David Nassar

Vice President, Strategic Engagement

David Nassar oversees the Communications and Public Engagement departments at the Foundation. He also serves as a member of the Foundation Leadership Team and Program Leadership Team. He has spent nearly thirty years working in Washington D.C. on issue campaigns, political campaigns, and public affairs. He specializes in change management in mission-driven organizations and advancing their agendas through public-facing campaigns.

In his former role as Vice President, Communications at the Brookings Institution, Nassar was part of the Institution’s management team and led efforts to reimagine communications and public outreach at the one of the world’s oldest and most important knowledge brands. He introduced new content platforms like podcasts, documentary video, and immersive essays, which provided in-depth and thoughtful analysis of relevant topics. He also made great advantage of tools like email, social media, and digital advertising to distribute that content and exponentially grow Brookings’ audience.

Nassar grew up on Philadelphia’s Main Line and attended Villanova University for his undergraduate education before receiving his master’s degree in international affairs at George Washington University.