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The broadcast production arm of the Science Festival Foundation, World Science Productions, will produce “The Mystery of Genius” (the "Series") for broadcast television and digital platforms.

Through innovative story telling and unique production techniques, this Series will both explore the definition of genius and illuminate circumstances that cultivate and nurture genius. We will also present the latest neuroscience on how the brain can be developed to work more effectively. We will bring these stories to life by identifying and filming extraordinary people in their own environments, as well as profiling geniuses from history whose work continues to impact our lives and cultures. These programs will require extensive and careful research, as well as pre-interviews with potential program subjects, which will be accomplished during the planning phase.

By the end of the planning grant period, we will have created a proposal for the John Templeton Foundation to support the full launch of the “Genius” Series across multiple platforms, from long form and short form broadcast programs to digital segments to full-length documentary. The primary goal of this planning grant is to prepare the ground work so that the first episodes in a major series of “Genius” projects are ready to go into production as soon as production funding is secured.

The Series will contribute to the national dialogue on education, particularly in the STEM categories, as well foster a better understanding of our societal responsibility to identify and support geniuses at all stages of their development.

"The Mystery of Genius" will tell the stories of exceptional people and how they got to be that way. By humanizing these individuals, and providing a clear understanding of the science of genius, “The Mystery of Genius” will foster better insight into our societal responsibility to identify, educate, and support geniuses at all stages of their development.