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Each September TNP Academy brings together inspired speakers and a community of lifelong learners to examine the world’s big questions and encourage thinking that is underscored by the core principles of intellectual humility, curiosity, openness and scientific rigor.

This year we will take a specific focus on curiosity and its power to inspire a life of meaning.

We view curiosity as a character virtue that is an exploration of thinking about thinking itself. It is associated with open-mindedness, creativity and spiritual discovery. We believe curiosity can be fostered and taught and at TNP Academy we strive to create experiential environments that do just that.

To that end, TNP will develop a Master Class in Curiosity, to be led by one or more individuals who we believe to be exemplars of the practice of curiosity and who are uniquely qualified to teach this practice to our audience.

Along with one or more onstage presentations, we intend to develop The Master Class around further experiential activities. We believe these are critical for not only inspiring curiosity, but enabling the audience to practice it.

After the gathering in September, TNP Academy will package the content derived from the Master Class as well as the overall Curiosity series in order to distribute it, in the form of video and other media. We believe this is the most effective way to promote the practice of curiosity to a wide audience and harness the power of curiosity to inspire a life of meaning.