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In 2014 the John Templeton Foundation awarded Synergos a two-year grant to create a Spiritual Civilization Group within our Global Philanthropists Circle (GPC) to: (1) nurture philanthropic practices that increase spiritual consciousness among the members of the SC Group; (2) help the members link their spiritual values and practices to their philanthropic work; and (3) promote more philanthropic programs aimed at disseminating the ideals of spiritual civilization within the broader society.
The evaluation of the SC Group shows that all three goals were achieved and have had great value for over 50 participants, far exceeding our articulated goal of 20. Over the next two years, Synergos will support several activities, including four meetings and two retreats for SC Group members. These meetings will reach an even wider group of philanthropic leaders, deepen outcomes around all 3 goals, and achieve greater impact on Goal 3. Group members are doing more individually and will co-create in 2018 a larger convening on spirituality.
Synergos will continue to support the online community where philanthropists share ideas, models and inspiration. We expect this effort will increase learning around spiritual practices and desired outcomes between meetings.
As we continue to evaluate this project, we expect to see an increased awareness of spiritual ideals, an increase in spiritual practices, and more philanthropic programs aimed at disseminating the ideals of spiritual civilization within the broader society.
Finally, with an aim to inspire a larger movement for spiritual civilization, we will track and share broadly, through a variety of communications tools, Group members’ new or continuing initiatives to support spiritual civilization values and goals. As a holistic effort, our project will help Group members promote more philanthropic programs to spread spirituality and achieve a greater impact on society