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How to convey to Brazilian Christian youth and leaders that science and Christian faith need not be in conflict? The myth that science and faith are at war is widespread in the evangelical church in Brazil, and initiatives promoting a balanced understanding of their relations are slim. Evangelicals are thus departing from science or emptying the pews when students reach college.
This project, seeking to promote transformational teaching in science and faith in Brazil, will harness the success that Christian summer camps have in bringing about long-lasting impact in the lives of youth, organizing 3 Science and Faith Summer Camps and 6 Weekend Courses for Christian Leaders. In addition, the team will hold 6 “Science and the Bible Days” at other summer camps, and 9 “Science and Religion Days” at schools.
This project has, thus, a twofold goal: 1) To impact the lives of thousands of evangelical Brazilian teenagers and college students, changing perceptions as to the interactions of mainstream science and Christian faith so that fewer abandon faith due to the alleged conflict with science, and more are attracted to science as a career path;
2) To promote the engagement of Christian leaders and future Christian leaders with science, fostering a better understanding of the harmonies between science and faith, enabling them to tackle questions from their congregations and to resonate this new understanding in their pastoral and ministry practice.