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Coming on the heels of the country's biggest shopping days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday was created in 2012 to help change the dialogue about giving and to mobilize an "opening day" for charitable giving and volunteer support for causes both large and small. Born from conversations at 92nd Street Y, #GivingTuesday asks people to support their favorite charities and do something special to give back on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

As it enters its third year, #GivingTuesday will continue to grow internationally, serving as a thought leader for organizations and individuals to learn the best strategies to give back. 92Y will welcome our global community of partners to consider answers to Big Questions: Why give?, Why does giving feel so good?, and How can new models like #GivingTuesday inspire changes in our attitudes about philanthropy?

In the lead up to #GivingTuesday 2014, 92Y will also delve into the science of giving, the ways we think of and express gratitude, and the notion of “paying it forward.” By welcoming the general public to explore these topics on the #GivingTuesday website, blog, and social media, and by creating resources specifically designed for schools and families, #GivingTuesday will be poised to make an even greater impact in 2014. 92Y will also look ahead to 2015 by undertaking data analysis and preparation for two additional initiatives: capacity building micro-grants for small non-profit organizations, and a #GivingTuesday app.

We anticipate that through these efforts, #GivingTuesday will continue to become part of the global mainstream and precipitate significant changes in the way that we think about and express generosity.