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Over the past five years, we’ve built the foundation for a global movement to cultivate character by bringing our annual Character Day, award-winning films, in-depth discussion kits, Global LiveCast Q&A, online resource hub, and expansive outreach strategy, into over 130,000 schools, classrooms, companies, congregations, and homes around the globe.

Our next plan: cultivate character on an exponentially larger scale, year-round. Throughout these years growing Character Day, we’ve created two enormous and unique networks: 1) 130,000+ groups committed to cultivating character; 2) partnerships with hundreds of high-profile organizations, media outlets, pop culture influencers, and companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all eager to rise above the divisiveness of our day and propagate good: character, truth, meaning, and purpose.

For this next chapter, we will continue to host our annual Character Day, but our bigger plan is to create year-round content with an expansive social media campaign that has daily, weekly, and monthly content based on different character strengths; that pours into the stream both our own content and our partners’; that leverages the reach of our pop culture and media partners; that taps into the most prominent conversations happening on social media and wraps them in a framework of character; and that engages not only 130,000+ groups already involved, but millions more. We’re going to cultivate character online.

This proposal is Phase 1 of this next chapter, with 3 main outputs:
1. Development and strategy for the year-round content and social media campaign, including a comprehensive audit of the adjacent and related landscape of character and virtue-related content across social channels.

2. Development and strategy for an Evaluation of the project, including a robust logic model with resources, activities, outputs, outcomes, and potential impacts.

3. Character Day 2018, set for September 26, 2018.