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Exceptional Cognitive Talent and Genius

“History abounds with stories of great minds that have gifted humanity with wonderful discoveries and inventions,” Sir John Templeton wrote. “Each discovery or invention began as a ‘seed idea’ in an open and receptive mind.” As Sir John saw it, genius was perhaps the greatest engine of material and spiritual progress and could be understood as a kind of transcendent spark, a way for human beings “to be helpers in the acceleration of divine creativity.”

In pursuing Sir John’s aims, the Foundation has made a strong commitment to identifying and nurturing young people who demonstrate exceptional talent in mathematics and science. In the U.S., we have supported accelerated learning for students capable of working well beyond their grade level, and we have funded a number of important national studies of the issue. Internationally, the Foundation has sponsored academic training and competitions for students who show extraordinary potential but whose talents might not otherwise be developed, especially because of their economic circumstances or insufficient educational support.


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